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    Welcome to NCI

    NCI Australia is the nation’s most highly integrated high-performance research computing environment, providing world-class services to government, industry, and researchers. We are committed to delivering on national priorities and research excellence, and are driven by our primary objective of raising the ambition, impact and outcomes of Australian research.

    Based at The Australian National University, NCI is home to the Southern Hemisphere’s fastest?supercomputer, its highest performance research cloud, its fastest filesystems and Australia’s largest research data repository—all supported by an expert team of nationally and internationally recognised staff.

    Our combination of infrastructure and expertise enables high-impact research and innovation that otherwise would be impossible to undertake. It also delivers outcomes that inform public policy, and supports an internationally competitive research environment that attracts and retains world-class researchers for Australia.

    NCI is supported by the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy?(NCRIS),?with operational funding?provided through a formal?collaboration incorporating CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology, The Australian National University, Geoscience Australia, the Australian Research Council, and a number of research intensive universities and medical research institutes.


    In Collaboration With